What we are...
EAR CANDY is an eclectic, internet-only music magazine of articles, reviews and interviews of bands and music that WE like and think ought to be heard. While our main love is rock and roll (whether it is punk, heavy metal, psychedelic, hard rock, garage rock, blues, oldies or "alternative"), we have also covered Celtic and Native American music. And, we are always be on the lookout for new music, whatever the genre!

Who we are...
EAR CANDY is run by a totally volunteer staff. Itís a labour of love for us - we don't get paid. The editor is Ronnie Dannelley, who also writes many of the columns.

Our writers (both regular and occasional) include: Gary Pig Gold, Robert Pally, Jack Teague, Scott H. Platt, Bill Vordenbaum, Chris Allen, John Lane, DJ Ivan, Sean Koepenick, Kim Filipek, Bunkypunk, Jon Gingrich, Josh Hillyer, Sean Young, GPR, Deb Metalflake, Sick Puppy, Kano and John Hendrickson. Plus there are many others who have contributed single articles over our existence in cyberspace!

EAR CANDY is unbiased, covering both the unsigned as well as established artists.

EAR CANDY is pure & honest - we "call 'em like we see 'em" in our reviews.

EAR CANDY is made up of a staff of music fans, NOT pretentious journalism majors.

What we are NOT...
EAR CANDY is NOT a trendy-fashion-rock magazine full of yes-men. Mags like Rolling Stone already have that niche. We'll let them get everything wrong.

EAR CANDY is NOT a simple fanzine. Just look at our roster of artists that we've interviewed, it says it all.

EAR CANDY is NOT in it for the money. Our writers write for free. Despite not being "mainstream", we get quite a few hits for such a quote "little" site. For our first 5 years we were hosted on a"free" tripod website. But coming soon in 2005, there will be an earcandymag.com! That's right, we have finally gone 'legit'.

How many hits do we get?
EAR CANDY actually gets quite a large amount of hits for an internet-only music magazine! Just type in "ear candy" to any search engine like google and we are usually right at the top. So guess from that.

Who Has Been In EAR CANDY?
Special thanks to all the artists/bands that have granted us interviews! Just look at our index of interviews on our home page to see who we've talked to. It is pretty diverse, from Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys to Lemmy of Motorhead and LOTS more!

Want YOUR music heard and reviewed?
Write for us.